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12 October 1988
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(There is no master fic list for all fandoms and all time immemorial. Sorry :P If you are looking for something in particular that I wrote, let me know, I probably know where it is. I just don't necessarily want to cross-direct everyone who comes in on one fandom to older, clumsier stuff I wrote in others ;D The ffnet list above covers almost all of my posted work for Code Geass, Loveless, Twilight, and BDB. My three bandom fics are under the fanfic tag here on LJ, as is a little of my Death Note stuff. For other fandoms or more, ask me :D)

Well, I think I may be properly back on LJ at last :) Came back primarily so I could stop lurking in fic comms, but being here has reminded me that LJ is clearly superior to all other journals and universes and pretty much anything else ;D, thus my general blogging activities are now back here as well!

If you don't know me, then...

  • I'm an arts/education student. Lit and history. I like writing, reading and playing the piano.

  • Books - Tolkien's works (all of them. If he wrote it and it's publicly available, you can probably guarantee I've read it :P), Twilight series (Stephenie Meyer), most Neil Gaiman, Farseer trilogy (Robin Hobb), His Dark Materials trilogy (Philip Pullman), Hemingway, the poetry of Wordsworth, Shelley, Auden and Frost (among others)...the list goes on ;) Oh, man, and I totally didn't mention Chuck Palahniuk and Hunter S. Thompson and...ok, actually stopping. I love books :P

  • Anime - Code Geass. CG has taken over my brain :P It *owns* me. Also Gundam 00, Death Note, D.Gray-Man, Loveless, Wolf's Rain, Gundam SEED/Destiny, Full Metal Alchemist, Evangelion, Ghost in the Shell, Bleach...many more, but that's a start.

  • Music - lots. Have fallen hardcore into FBR bandom recently, so listening a lot to The Academy Is... and Fall Out Boy and Panic at the Disco and The Cab and Empires. Also very much into Linkin Park, Muse, The Weakerthans and Dashboard Confessional (and many more). John Butler's epic guitar solo 'Ocean' is possibly my all time favourite anything. At least half my listening time is spent on J-pop and rock; right now I'm big on Uverworld and Jinn, also have much love for Orange Range, L'Arc-en-Ciel, High and Mighty Colour, Asian Kung-Fu Generation, T.M. Revolution, abingdon boys school, Yui...etc :P. As a pianist, I have undying adoration for Chopin, Debussy, Rachmaninoff and too many others to list. I'm fairly eclectic.

  • Oh, and I miss playing tuned percussion something epic right now. What I would not give to own a marimba. Or a vibraphone, actually. Hell, even a glockenspiel would do, I'd just annoy the neighbours :P Haven't played since school, and really, really miss it. Must go lose self in piano for a few hours ;D

Fandoms I write for:

  • Anime - Code Geass, Death Note, Loveless, D.Gray-Man, Gundam 00, Gundam SEED. If you have a brilliant idea in one of those, you're welcome to ask, though I may not take it ;) I used to write for FMA, that doesn't happen anymore :P Not that I don't still love it, but...not going to come back.

  • Books - Twilight (series). I used to write vast quantities of Tolkien fic, that too is extremely unlikely to happen again in the near future. Still love it with all my heart and soul, but my ficcing's elsewhere right now. Oh, and wrote one fic for the BDB series by J.R. Ward. There's been interest in a sequel, it's no longer on the cards because the author's come out against fic and I have pleeeeenty of other things to write :P

  • Bandom - pretty self-explanatory :P RPF bandom. Was doing such a good job of holding out, but have finally been dragged in by the forces of evil (i.e. persuasive friends :P). Posted right now are one epic one-shot and the first few chapters of two long works in progress :)

That'll do for now. If you want to know, ask :)

(oh, and while anon comments are almost as welcome as signed ones, most lj-less people seem to prefer to email; feel free :D)