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Dear Yuletide Author 2015

Dear Yuletide Author,

Hi! It’s been a while since I’ve done yuletide, so I am going to be super crazy excited by pretty much anything you give me XD  If it’s helpful for your process, my ao3 probably gives a reasonable ideas of what I read (though I think I mostly tend to bookmark fluff, while I read a lot of kink and epic h/c), and sooome idea of what I write – though I have a tendency to forget to post the second halves of my epics, and my really kinky stuff is mostly lost in the depths of challenge comms, so just take it as given that I’m into most sorts of thing :P

Pretty much my only squick is dark!versions of characters. This doesn’t aaaalways apply, and I’m okay with protags cast as the villain as long as they’re not evil, or they’re being mind-controlled, or xyz other mitigating circumstances, I’m just not generally into actual full-blown personality transplant evil versions of main characters (even when they’re written tremendously well and are very clever transformations, they tend to just squick me a bit).

Below are partly the additional notes from my requests, with details added throughout :)

Fitz and the Fool

What I love about these characters is the way they push on through a frankly mind boggling amount of sheer miscommunication (JUST TALK IT OUT BOYS, HOLY EDA), mostly just by power of an absolutely fundamental love, whether you read that as friendship or more (I lean toward a sort of almost the latter, but am very okay with either/any!).

Most of all I love the warm moments between them (and Nighteyes!): apricot brandy by the fire, and the times they just have to hold each other because everything is pretty awful and no one else really gets it.

I am down with any period, though prefer when they're together (i.e. not book 1)...snowed in (just as a general trope? :P), or if they'd visited the dragon garden together (all my tears, guh), or hiding out in Chade's old quarters (because what is blindness/torture if not a premise for sick!fic/comfort? XD)...but, that said, there's always what we now know about the book 1 period (Beloved's psychic awareness of Fitz and all the visions and dreams and mental escapes you could imagine there). So I am really pretty down with anything.

Other characters I love: Kettricken, Verity, Nighteyes, Bee. No Molly bashing, please.

Bits and pieces I love: Fool carving wood! (but that's pretty tricky in the current timeline), apricot brandy, Skill bond, reminiscing

The Librarians (Flynn and Jake)

So I'm going to be honest, I ship Flynn and Jake, BUT I would also love to read about them as friends/colleagues if that's more your thing. If you do share my ship, bring on snark or porn or fluff or established relationship or h/c or xmas or…right I’m done XD.  If you don’t ship that, bring on snark or casefic or xmas or pretty much anything, really ;D

I love the banter between characters in this show. I love the way the show picks something ridiculous but great, and just goes with it. I find The Library as a setting pretty fantastic - the atmosphere, the possibilities. I'd love a story that plays with mythology - any sort – or with the possibilities of the Library itself. I would be thrilled to get a casefic using Jake's magical powers of art history/surveying and Flynn's magical powers of being the protagonist. I would likewise be thrilled to get a fic about Flynn and Jake hanging around the library researching. There are probably a million other things I’d be thrilled to get too. The only thing I'd really rather not see is Jake/Cassandra shipping; I'm good with pretty much anything else!

Other characters I love: Jenkins is a plus (I love him, and I find his fabulous dry humour impossible to write myself). Eve is also awesome (I just find her and Flynn as a couple weird because she’s kind of a Nicole clone? – but this is not a hard limit).  No Jake/Cassandra shipping, please.

Romantic Poets RPF (Keats and Shelley)

So I ship Keats and Shelley. I'm also totally happy with them just being good (overdramatic) friends, if that’s more your thing. Or, you know, shoot down the middle and say romantic friends. It’s all good, any which way :D

Adonais is my favourite poem ever (of all time, forever and ever, amen), but I'd rather not post-mortem fic. Death!fic of the dying!fic kind is completely fine, though, if you want to go that way (i.e. I’d like them both alive, please, but totally cool if you want to write the period immediately preceding Keats’ death). I'd equally love…
·      to see them in an English springtime or an Italian summer or a snowy winter, writing or trying to write (or failing to write, or moaning about writing, or celebrating about writing)
·      I could very much go for epistolary fic if that's something that appeals, since they were often in different countries
·      I love stories about the whole gang in their Swiss chalet (and feel it is totally reasonable to pretend Keats was there too XD)
·      I could go for Keats and Shelley on a crazy, fantastical, entirely non-historical adventure if that's your thing!
Really, I just love their way of seeing the world through words, and their struggle to act like reasonable adults, and the way their depth of feeling about the world and their work is tied up in each other.

Other characters: No strong feelings about Severn or Brown – won’t be bothered by anything you do (or don’t) with them. Likewise for Mary and Fanny, except that I’d rather not read them hurt/humiliated/sad (which I do realise is probably what Mary at least felt a lot of the time in reality – I’d just rather read about her totally cool with their nonsense, or ignoring them, or even furious, if she makes an appearance at all). I kind of love both Fanny and Mary, and tend to think they would’ve been much happier with each other than with their respective husbands (who I obviously love, but who are terribly sexist in the way of their time), so I don’t love to see them miserable/humiliated/pining. Byron is the worst and also great (and also not a big player in Keats’ life, but he’s so fantastic as a character. Don’t feel he has to pop up, though XD).  I have a weird love for Keats’ wander on the Heath with Coleridge, so cool with him too. These are all side notes, obviously – I’ll love anything with Keats and Shelley, so include as few or as many characters as you like!

Most importantly - feel free to ignore my rambling above, and thank you in advance! I can't wait :D

Survey Closing June 20

The survey has now been open for some weeks, and I'm tremendously grateful to the folk of ficdom for throwing in their two (or more) cents - particularly those who've kindly promoted the link for me, but also everyone who's given their time to respond.

This is just a notice that the survey will be closing (as planned) at the end of June 20 - that's midnight at the end of that day, Australian Eastern Standard time (GMT+10).  That'll be the dark hours of the morning in the US and mid-morning in the UK/Europe.  So if you're dropping in here to see what's up after then, the survey's closed! (but thanks for stopping by :D)

If you requested a copy of your responses and have not yet received one, my apologies - I'm getting to it!  I've had a lot of responses in the last couple of weeks and it's taking a long time for me to work through sending out copies.  You'll hear from me soon, though, promise! ETA: everyone who requested a copy and left their details should have them now!

Those who requested a summary of the results will receive something as soon as it exists :)  I want to send you guys a readable, interesting summary, not an incomprehensible set of totals and percentages, so that'll take time.  I've also had a few requests to include a list of the 'favourite stories' - that'll be included in the summary, once I've turned everyone's links/titles into a standard format to be sure they're de-identified :)

Happy Monday (and Tuesday, and so on :P)!

Greetings from 2013

ETA: A few people have asked for a copy of their responses or of the results summary once it's all done, but not entered any contact details - but the survey is genuinely totally anonymous if you don't leave any details, so I don't know how to contact you! Anyone who that's the case for, if you see this, drop me a comment (or PM or email) and we'll sort it out!


So honestly, I did not really plan to post here again, being as how I've been absent for several years.  I still use LJ for commenting, but I'm mostly over on AO3 these days.  Now, though, I'm setting out to (attempt to) survey the thoughts and feelings and opinions of ficdom and its adjacent communities on some pretty important stuff, and it occurs to me that some people might end up wanting to check me out and make sure I'm not a fic-hating psycho.

So here is me.  This LJ is circa a couple years ago, but you can still find a bit of fic via tags if you want to.  You'll find my AO3 link up top left, under my icon, and that's where recent fic updates can be found (if I've made them - I have the world's most patient readers/cheerleaders).  Over on the left in links, you can find my ff.net account, which has a small selection of fic circa '07/'08; my Dreamwidth account, which, honestly, was never truly active as a blog but has been much used for accessing fabulous communities and reading fabulous fic; my DA, where you can see me dressed as Merlin; and my FB, where you can find me.

I've been hanging around ficdom since I was 12 or thereabouts, and I hope that anyone interested can feel confident that I'm not out to trash, judge, shame or belittle the community or what we do.  I'm not out to write a paean to our fabulousness, either (though there might be a little of that) - we're all pretty good at telling each other how awesome we can be without someone writing a book on it.  What I am out to do is to try to understand a set of cultural processes that happen here, and don't happen out in the wide world.  For years now, we in ficdom have communicated about and dealt with issues of sexual assault and consent in ways that don't happen elsewhere.  Talking about sexual assault is something that can be pretty tough for a lot of people.  I believe that what we do here in ficdom is worth trying to understand.  I hope that you who have found your way here will consider taking some time out of your probably super busy day to help me out.  Thanks in advance ;)

Help me out by taking the survey (if you read fic - I think almost everyone here does?): https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/consent-in-fic (completing it at very basic level takes about 15mins, will take longer if you give me long answers, but all questions are skippable.  And it's here for 6 weeks so come back later if you're super-busy! :D)
Obviously I'm rubbish and never post anymore, but had to declare to the world...

Just finished drafting the intro of my thesis :D  I mean, it's horrible and the final product will probably look nothing like it, but it's only just over 1000 words, which is miraculous, and...it exists!  I have something to make better XD  I am very excited by this :P

In other news while I'm here, my kinkmeme fills for XMFC are slowly going up on my AO3, along with new material.  I have 25 000 words up there now for this fandom, with at least another 25K to go in the same 'verse (and probably more XD), and it's really nice to be writing fic again.

I've also finished the pen and paper edit on my beautiful baby novel, and am slowly beginning the process of typing.  That'll take a while and I won't be able to focus on it 'til November when thesis is in, but it's nice to be making progress, and to know I still love it and think it's worth something having finished a really comprehensive edit :))

Other than that...I'm still a crazy single woman swanning through the world reading and writing and making pretty things with little purpose, so nothing's really changed ;)  Hope everyone's doing well!

(Colin, I have totally not forgotten your alirgflakjberkljrb story notes, I am just a rubbish human being and cannot manage time :P (and currently have wonderful readers who yell at me when I don't update my fic fast enough XD)  Your marauders make me desperately everything and I am honest to god going to sit down and flail coherently about them some time soon <3333  Not least because as usual with everything you write, they've moved into my brain :P)


And then it was June?

So evidently the year has turned out busy :P

I honestly hadn't realised how long it's been since I've posted on here!  With strictly not allowing myself to fic (*sigh*) I suppose I lose track, given that I keep up with most people in comments.

In summary - the thesis is coming along, the year is coming along, sadly it has indeed turned out very much busy and thus the year long fic hiatus has become a 2 year long fic hiatus.  One day I will be able to post fic again damnit! ;)

That said, as usual, I continue to fail at avoiding fandom - I really thought I was being pretty good, having kept my head out since Inception, but new X-Men has of course drawn me back and it's just so *good* this time around!  I finally gave up and had a look around this evening and there is *so* much brilliance going on.  Nothing like inserting James McAvoy into a fandom to give it the god of all boosts, I suppose XD  I am *not* going to write (seriously!), and I am going to attempt discipline and not spend too much time here XD, but hey, I've lived in fandom for a decade now, I never really thought I was going to stay away XD

In other news, my thesis now has a definite working title - 'Rape, Alienation and Reconnection in Women's Fiction' in light of understandings of post-traumatic reconnection drawn from psychological discourse and with women's fiction referring to published fiction written by women since the theorisation of rape accomplished by second wave feminism.  Feel free to offer me pity, I know I am a crazy person :P

Other than that, love to any and all, especially if I haven't spoken to you in a while!



2010-2011 (just a little late)

So, 2011!  Wow that came quickly XD

It's been a hectic January, what with a week of floods and then a week of cleanup, but things are starting to level out now...right in time for me to leave for the US on Friday!  Spending a week in Vail (Colorado) skiing, then a couple of days in San Fran, driving down to LA, visiting the Getty again because I love it very much and then heading back home.  Travelling with family, thus no crazy detours across state lines for house calls - wish I could! XD

Floods and the aftermath aside, January's been good - I've been fairly absorbed in reading for my honours thesis, and equally absorbed in editing the first draft novel manuscript I churned out in November-December; I'm still a little bit in shock that I've produced a complete novel with some degree of maturity to it.  Really feel good about this one.  Cross fingers for me.  Heading back to uni at the end of Feb, will be nice to be back there in a more postgrad, research-based capacity.  Lots of hard work though :D

Cosplay-wise, I'm trying to balance out this year and spend a bit more time making clothes rather than just costumes, but I have plans to be at Brisnova, Melbnova and SMASH, plus possibly Main and/or Manifest.  Working at the moment on a dress that I love very much, which I plan to use to cosplay a character from the novel written by my very, very awesome LJ friend amarissia - she doesn't know that I've been working on this lol 'cause I didn't want to put it out there in case I didn't get it done, so I'm going to lol if she sees this entry XDD

Fic, I would really love to happen - I would particularly, of course, love to add some chapters to my poor long-left-waiting Geass fic as I promised a few people in November - but my head is tremendously full of my novel right now, and unfortunately I suspect this year may be almost as low on fic as the last, depending on how work-intensive uni ends up being.

That's pretty much my year so far and to come!

2010 is well and truly gone now, but as I never quite got around to making a new year's post, a couple of quick but very heartfelt thank yous for the year just gone: to amarissia, for sharing her perspective and experiences and giving me the courage to make a massive change for the better in my life - I couldn't have taken the step to proper treatment without your example to follow <3; and to zimiel , for always being there, always being amazing, and always being you.  You helped me through some pretty weird moments in 2010, and we had some good fun, and...to be wildly corny and quote my favourite band, "you might roll your eyes at this but I'm so glad that you exist." :)

Love to all, and apologies for my sometimes-tendency to lurk; I will try to leave a few more comments around the place! *lurks creepily in shadows* :D

It Gets Bettter

What do you know, I remembered to make a post separate to personal angsting :P

There has been a lot of publicity recently around the number of reported queer teen suicides in a short period of time in the US.  I say reported because this is nothing new.  What is new is a whole lot of wake up calls around the world.  My big wake up call was the suicide of a very young (pre-teen) boy in the US a few years back because of homophobic bullying. I went on to have a much bigger wake up call when I began to research and realised that this boy was one of millions.  We are right to be horrified by the number of young people who have committed suicide in the last few months thanks to homophobic abuse, but we need to be more horrified - more horrified by the fact that these are only the ones reported, and only the ones reported as being a result of abuse, and only the ones not brushed under the rug before they could have the chance of being reported.

The It Gets Better Project is a response to this ongoing tragedy. I imagine most of the few people reading the current incarnation of this blog have heard of the project, but if not, go here - http://www.youtube.com/user/itgetsbetterproject - or here - www.itgetsbetterproject.com - and explore, preferably with a box of tissues handy.

I'm recording a video for the project, and if you'd like to read what I have to say, it's under the cut below :)

The full script of my 'It Gets Better' clip - not too long, but long enough to crowd an flist ;DCollapse )

Once upon a time, I couldn't imagine a future where life wasn't a slow, painful procession of opportunities to suffer.

Today, there is no choice in my life of which I am more glad than every decision to keep on living.

That's a decision you can make too--a decision that we can all make.  You might not be glad of it tomorrow, or the next day, or the next--you might not be glad of it next year.  But one day, when life has taken a turn for the better and you're surrounded by all the things that you have to live for, then, I promise, you will be glad that you held on.

It's horrible that some people have to suffer abuse for who they are, it's unjust, and you shouldn't have to endure it.  But you can.  When it feels like you can't, however hard it is, there are millions of people all over the world thinking of you, and thinking three really important things - we love you, we believe in you, and we promise -

it gets better.

Hold on to that.

And one day, you'll be able to promise it too.

I could happily live in a mosh pit XD

Just back from Cobra Starship, supported by Owl City and Amy Meredith; yet another show where every band on the lineup were even more awesome than expected.

I am covered in turqoise paint of unknown origin, everything is sore and I look like I've been through a blender XD  Seriously, my dress got mostly pulled off during the first opener and spent the rest of the concert hanging behind my waist by the drawstring with all the buttons undone, so my stomach is covered in paint, my neck is covered in paint, my boobs, my arms, the inside of my thighs are covered in paint...no idea where it came from, lmao, but it's very weird and kind of hilarious XD

I imagine a fair chunk of my flist have seen the Cobra, so you know they're like seeing a normal band but high on glowstick fluid and a regular diet of crack with a healthy dose of added sex...but yeah.  You know.  They're awesome.  *So* much better live than on records.  Also I think Vicky T has gotten hotter, which shouldn't really be possible, but...*really*.  Tremendous girlcrush.  And, you know, the rest of the band :P  All spectacularly hot on stage (especially Ryland tonight lmao XD).  All awesome.  Would go again in an instant.

Only knew one of Owl City's songs, so was looking forward to seeing them but without any particular expectations, and they were also *awesome*.  Really quirky, *really* musically solid, lots of totally honest unapologetic string music live on stage with occasional moments of oh yeah there are electric guitars around thrown in XD  Great fun.  And their singer's completely adorable in a sweet, awww kind of way.  Muchly enjoyed.  Hope they come back and headline, because I would be lining up at the door.

Amy Meredith I missed the first half of 'cause I had to come home and change after work, but the half of their set that I caught was great, one of the more engaging first openers I've heard in a while.

All in all a brilliant concert, my love for the Tivoli as a venue is eternal and undying, and I'm going to go try to scrub off this paint *fail* XD

Mainly a meme :)

A non-friends-only post for the first time in ages! XD

Should have some bits and pieces to post up soon; did an awesome photoshoot on the weekend with Shona (Hakuren and Teito from 07-Ghost), haven't quite picked pics to post (yeah, I'm slow) but almost, so they'll appear some time XD You can see some already over on her journal and DA. And as per usual, I haven't quite managed to restrain the urge to write accompanying fic for a few of the shots, so a few short bits and pieces of that might appear here despite the whole no-fic-this-year thing :P

Have another shoot planned for this weekend, so hopefully there'll be some cool pictures from that as well XD

Oh, and going to Soundwave this weekend as well to see the Weakerthans, which should be madcore XD

For now, however, a meme, courtesy of zimiel...beneath the cut :)

Leave a comment on this post and I will pick three of your fandoms. Then you get to answer the following questions:Collapse )


Some days...

Today was pretty awesome.

I (finally) met up with this girl who was my best friend when we were kids, and who I hadn't seen in years and years until we stumbled upon each other online a few weeks back. And it was great; we just talked for like six hours 'til I had to go and it was brilliant. It was like...it should really have been just like meeting a stranger 'cause neither of us is anything like who we were when we knew each other, but...idk, I'm useless, I'm never comfortable talking to anyone, and it was just so easy and natural and right, it was like we never lost touch.

It's funny, I was kind of expecting to be disappointed 'cause, well, anime kind of gives you unreasonable expectations of the significance of childhood friendship :P Being best friends when you're four feet tall definitely does not mean you'll click again at 21. But I wasn't disappointed, and that was awesome.

Meh, idk, I guess it's not that important, lol, but it made today a cool day :)